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Comprises material from the Senior Officer’s meeting, Emergency Executive meeting as well as Commission for Racial Equality Inquiry correspondence.


OLU G’ originally noted on the file. In addition to the minutes of the Executive Committee and Officer’s meeting forums, the file also contains reports and correspondence such as the official report of the Commission for Racial Equality and the response to the Independent Enquiry Report.


File contains documents such as the following: Commission for Racial Equality Inquiry findings and appeal; correspondence re membership suspensions, internal split in Standing Conference on Racial Equality in Europe (SCORE) July 1994, structure of SCORE sub-committees and correspondence documenting the establishment of the Migrants Forum.


Contains minutes eg relating to the Standing Conference on Racial Equality in Europe (SCORE) Executive Committee, GMB meeting, Policy Sub-Committee and Immigration, Refugees and Asylum-Seekers Working Group.


Consists of minutes from eg the Standing Conference on Racial Equality in Europe (SCORE) Annual General Meeting (3rd and 4th), 16th July 1994 Annual General Meeting, Immigration Policy Sub-committee, Officer’s meeting and Emergency Executive Meeting.


In addition to Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes and agenda, file comprises an annual report; nominations; major reports submitted to Executive Committees eg Chair’s report re Border Challenge; AGM motions and associated papers; draft constitution; memos; and financial accounts.


File contains minutes and / or associated papers relating to issues or committees such as the following: Standing Conference on Racial Equality in Europe (SCORE) National Executive Committee; Executive Committee; Action Programme; Migrants and Refugees amnesty; Europe Networking Group (ENG); Refugee Sub-committee; Editorial and Publicity Sub-committee; Finance and fundraising sub-committee; Budget; Personnel Sub-committee; Speaking Tour and conference and Immigration and Citizenship in European Union published booklet.


File contains minutes from Annual General Meetings (AGM) eg 3rd AGM and AGM from 16 July 1994 which records discussion re the Standing Conference on Racial Equality in Europe (SCORE) constitutional amendments. File also contains minutes of the Executive Committee. See also related Dispute files series (eg file dated 27 June 1994 – 13 Dec 1995).