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Documentation relating to issues such as Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign, Rev. Jesse Jackson’s questioning of the ‘Tottenham Three’ convictions; Anti-Apartheid Movement; National Rainbow Coalition.


Invitation from the London Lambeth Mission office of ‘The Methodist Church Developing Black Ministries’ re the visit of Rev. Al Sharpton from the USA during 27th April to 3 May 1991.


File includes correspondence, itinerary and press coverage re Bernie Grant’s official visit to the United States eg itinerary includes Bernie Grant delivering a lecture on ‘The Resurgence of Racism in Europe’ at Providence College, Rhode Island and at the University of Michigan for Black History Month. Relates to racism and fascism in Europe.


File relates to Jesse Jackson’s visit to Britain, including Tottenham, upon Bernie Grant’s personal request. Includes correspondence, itinerary and press coverage re Jesse Jackson’s visit. Note letter of thanks to Jesse Jackson from Bernie and Sharon Grant re the success of his visit. Refers to the origins of the Rainbow Coalition UK origins.


File consists of programme and Bernie Grant’s handwritten notes re “Parliamentarians for Global Action (International Meeting of Foreign Aid Committees of Donor Countries at United States Congress)”; an original issue of “The Washington New Observer” with front page special re “A Million Black Men March on Washington”, the largest civil rights demonstration in the history of the United States. Also includes copy of speech delivered by Jesse Jackson entitled ‘Remarks Before One Million Men’. Refers to Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, Rainbow Coalition, Debt Crisis Network, privatisation, partnerships between donor countries.


Photocopy of extracts from Hansard, Volume 146, No.45 re Turkey. See related subject files re Cyprus eg Cyprus – Turkish Cypriots.


Note that this file contains graphic images of deceased persons and information that may cause distress. File consists of publications re Turkey and letters to Bernie Grant from correspondents such as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (providing Turkish-Cypriot viewpoint on the state of affairs and historical background re Cyprus) and the Organising Committee to Prevent General Evren’s Visit to the UK . See related subject files on Cyprus eg Cyprus – Turkish Cypriots. Relates to issues such as human rights, Kurdish peoples, Greek-Cypriot peoples, Turkish Cypriot peoples, Neil Kinnock. Includes material published in Turkish.


File contains correspondence dealing with the state of human rights in Turkey. Relates to issues such as human rights, Kurdish and Turkish peoples, Amnesty International. Includes letter from constituent to Bernie Grant re human rights and Turkey.


Contains correspondence, business contact cards and printed material re Bernie Grant’s association with organisations and individuals in the United States, as part of the African Diaspora. Relates to issues such as relations between Black peoples in the United States and United Kingdom; Atlanta Justice for Janitors campaign (against Portman), trade unions. Includes black and white photograph of Bernie Grant on United States visit to City of Chicago Board of Election Commissioners. File includes a number of letters revealing Bernie Grant’s close involvement and contribution to causes throughout the African Diaspora as it pertains to the United States.