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Comprises correspondence between Bernie Grant and ministers from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and the Department of National Heritage re the role and representation of Black British Musicians and Artistes within the British Rock and Pop Industry. Also includes copies of ‘UK – The Guide’, issues 1-3, dating between 1996-1998.


File comprises correspondence relating to the exclusion of African-Caribbean peoples from Word War Two commemorations and efforts undertaken (eg by Bernie Grant) in helping to recognise the role played by World War One and World War Two Black war veterans in the liberation of Europe. Relates to issues such as Black serviceman, soldiers; West Indian Ex-Serviceman’s Association.


Note that this file contains language that is by its nature offensive to Black and other minority ethnic groups. Includes press releases, ministerial correspondence and correspondence with the Independent Television Commission.


Correspondence, press clippings and letters of protest from members of the public re Bernie Grant’s efforts to work with the people of Padstow to undertake research into the origin of the local “Darkie Day” festival [“with a view to establishing more appropriate ways of celebration or commemoration which are not offensive to those of us of African descent”].


File consists of correspondence and clippings concerning cases such as: Stephen Lawrence; ‘Free Bridgewater Four campaign’; ‘Save Mumia Abu-Jamal’; George Long campaign; Lisa and Michelle Taylor campaign; as well as many private cases and individual appeals for justice addressed to Bernie Grant. Includes handwritten letters from prisoners and non-constituents. Relates to subjects such as Black peoples and the law; legal systems; justice; institutional racism; African-Caribbean peoples; Asian peoples; racism and the law; human rights; civil and political rights.