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Note that various published material within the collection may include rare unique one-off publications in addition to copies of publications which support and supplement the original primary documentation within the collection eg ‘The Political Police In Britain’ and re Broadwater Farm; research publications such as ‘Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in Haringey’ and ‘Race and Council Housing in Hackney’; ‘Black and Blue – Racism and the Police’; ‘Black People and the Health Service’, ‘Racial Harassment in London’. Note that publications such as the Socialist Labour League publications, ‘The Groundings with my Brothers’ by Walter Rodney, the publication re ‘Fidel and Religion – Conversations with Frei Betto’ and ‘Forward Ever! Against Imperialism and Towards Genuine National Independence and People’s Power’ became an inspiration to Bernie Grant. Such publications held a particularly strong personal significance for Bernie Grant and many have played a central role in shaping Bernie Grant’s personal and political ideologies.