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Mainly correspondence from Bernie Grant to the Sunday Times and Press Complaints Commission re Sunday Times article entitled “Bernie Grant Loses Support of Modern Blacks”, dated 24 Jul 1994, page 9. Provides Bernie Grant’s defense and clarification of views that he asserted were misrepresented by the press. Also contains correspondence with ‘Time Out’ and copies of correspondence from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants. Includes information relating to the Standing Conference on Racial Equality in Europe (SCORE); African Reparations Movement (ARM); Black peoples; Ethnic minorities in Britain.


Correspondence between Bernie Grant and Choice FM radio re invitation to attend station’s 12th anniversary celebrations at the House of Commons. Correspondence makes reference to the absence of a London Afro-Caribbean radio station.


Consists of press clippings of Richard LittleJohn’s columns in the ‘Daily Mail’. The columns critique Bernie Grant’s involvement in issues such as Broadwater Farm, Joy Gardner and Winston Silcott.


Letters of predominantly favourable feedback from individuals, constituents and organisations concerning Bernie Grant’s Radio 4 interview on the programme ‘In the Psychiatrists Chair’. Provides biographical information re Bernie Grant and his personal struggle against racism and media misrepresentation.


Consists of correspondence between Bernie Grant and the Haringey Independent as well as clippings from the Haringey Independent such as ‘Bernie’s Beat’ news column debating issues such as Broadwater Farm, Tottenham disturbance 1985; Margaret Thatcher and health, women; National Health Service; Elderly (Pensioners); homelessness; council housing.


Comprises press correspondence, clippings and press releases re issues such as the Broadwater Farm disturbance in relation to the acquittal of Winston Silcott and commentary associated with the renewed investigation into the death of PC Blakelock; key correspondence between Bernie Grant and the Essex Police re the investigation into the death of Joy Gardner and Bernie Grant’s associated correspondence re the press coverage; correspondence and press information re Radio Authority upholding complaint by Bernie Grant re LBC Radio host Richard LittleJohn (in relation to impartiality requirements and the Queen’s legal action against the ‘Sun’). Includes copy of Press Complaints Commission Report No. 1 Jan-Jun 1991.


Predominantly includes correspondence between Bernie Grant and the press concerning alleged misreporting re Bernie Grant’s attitude towards the police investigation into death of PC Blakelock during the Broadwater Farm disturbance in Tottenham 1985. Also relates to Winston Silcott and journalist Richard LittleJohn.