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File consists of papers such as correspondence, reports, reference material; papers re the establishment of the Black Socialist Society eg minutes and constitution of the Black Socialist Society; various papers re Black Sections such as a strategy document re origins of Black Sections and political questions and challenges raised within the Labour Party re black representation.


Correspondence and associated reports re Black and Asian organisation in the British Labour Party. Some documents detail the origins and establishment of Black Sections within the Party. Black Socialist Society also known as the Black and Asian Socialist Society.


File contains press clipping and draft proposal re Black and Asian Organisation in the Party as issued by the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party.


Correspondence and supporting papers concerning issues such as the strategic targeting of Black and Minority Ethnic voters; establishment of Black and Asian Organisation within the Labour Party; fact sheet re Black Sections; campaigns against racism. Includes biographical information re Black parliamentary candidates and Black councillors eg ‘African Concord’ journal issue profiling four Black candidates (Bernie Grant, Diane Abbott; Paul Boateng; Russell Profitt) in the lead up to the 1987 parliamentary election; photocopy of an article entitled ‘Black Councillors Forum: A Force for Change’ including portraits of Black Councillors such as JR Archer, Mayor of Battersea 1914, London’s first Black Mayor.


In addition to other papers, file includes published booklets entitled ‘Labour Party Black Sections – Answers to Questions frequently asked about Black Sections’ and ‘Positive Discrimination – Black People and the Labour Party’.


File contains papers such as: minutes of the Black Sections Steering Committee; Black Sections newsletters; press clippings; reports and supporting papers re the formation of Black Sections within the Labour Party; publicity leaflets.


Papers within file document issues such as: Bernie Grant’s role in advocating Black Sections in the Labour Party and encouraging people to join and vote for the Labour Party; Black sections (eg including papers re historic meeting of Birmingham District Black Sections held (April 1987) in defiance of Labour Party ruling banning black sections and threatening to expel members promoting them); Black Sections Fourth Annual Conference 14th Mar 1987; Black Sections and trade unions; ‘Black people and the police’; South Africa, Azania; racism; immigration law and lesbian and gay immigration group. Includes biographical profile of Bernie Grant.