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Paper entitled ‘The Lies About Joy Gardner’ and prefaced as follows: “Since her death, it has suited those who sought to justify it, to present many untruths about Joy Gardner. Here, from her many letters and other documents, we tell the truth about her last months”.


File comprises the Order of Service for Joy Gardner’s funeral [held on 17 Dec 1993 at New Testament Church of God, Wood Green], Bernie Grant’s funeral speech, correspondence re administrative arrangements for the funeral, and the funeral service booklet.


File comprises a facsimile copy of correspondence from Amnesty International to Sharon Lawrence [Bernie Grant’s personal assistant] re the release of a report on cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment during forcible deportation from the United Kingdom. Includes copies of Amnesty International reports entitled “United Kingdom – Death in Police Custody of Joy Gardner” and “United Kingdom – Summary of Human Rights Concerns”.


File contains correspondence and associated documents re the public meeting called to decide another phase of ‘the demand for justice for Joy Gardner and for all Black peoples.’ Includes key report entitled ‘Black Peoples’ Rights: Where to From Here?’ [report outlines proposals considered at a meeting convened following the outcome of the trial. Included representatives from the African Reparations Movement, Joy Gardner Memorial Campaign, Black Unity and Freedom Party, Socialist Workers Party, Anti-Racist Alliance, Haringey Race Equality Council, Association of Jamaicans (UK), Unison, Asian Action Group]; also on file is a meeting agenda and listing of volunteers called to work on the proposals raised at the Justice for Joy public meeting.