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File maintained by Bernie Grant as Leader of Haringey Council. Contains documentation such as letters of support from the community sent to Bernie Grant in appreciation of his response and active campaigning role following the 1985 Broadwater Farm disturbance. Also includes Bernie Grant’s handwritten critique of comments made by the media [eg re media misrepresentation] and key public figures such as Margaret Thatcher. Note that Bernie Grant was Chair of the Broadwater Farm Panel from 1984 – 1987.


File maintained by Bernie Grant as Leader of Haringey Council. Includes correspondence, statistics and associated papers dealing with topics such as strike attempts against Bernie Grant; briefing for Newsnight; racism; Broadwater Farm allegations and outcomes eg Inquiry; positive images and lesbian and gay civil rights; police community relations in Tottenham. Note that Bernie Grant was Chair of the Broadwater Farm Panel from 1984 – 1987.


Subject file maintained by Bernie Grant as a Haringey Councillor and while Chair of the Black Trade Unionists Solidarity Movement (BTUSM). Includes minutes, correspondence, press clippings, reports, leaflets and associated papers mainly relating to the administration of the Haringey / Grenada Youth Exchange (ie educational project aimed at young disadvantaged Haringey youth, both black and white) organised by Haringey Council, and the campaign against military intervention in Grenada. Includes records of the BTUSM re their joint role with the New Jewel Movement in protesting against military intervention in Grenada and in providing assistance to Grenada eg minutes of the first meeting of the New Jewel Movement (NJM) / BTSUM Trade Union (TU) Working Group. See related records in the BTUSM collection. File also includes eg correspondence re general relations between Grenada and Britain; historical background papers re Grenada; papers re the launch of the Afro-Caribbean Bank proposal. Note that Bernie Grant maintained this file was undertaking the following roles: in 1982, visited Grenada as part of the Haringey/Grenada Youth Exchange; member of the Labour Movement Delegation to Grenada in the wake of the American military intervention 1983; was a member of the New Jewel Movement Support Group 1982 – 1984; and held membership the Executive Committee of the Committee for Human Rights in Grenada 1982 – 1984.


File includes a proposal for a project in Grenada entitled ‘Educational and Skilled Training Programme for Rural Women’ submitted by the Pope Pauls Centre in Grenada, West Indies. Relates to subjects such as women, employment, Grenada.


File maintained by Bernie Grant while Councillor and Chair of the Public Works Committee. File consists of council correspondence, reports and demonstration leaflets re the investigation into the dismissal of Les Butler (Public Works council employee) and the subsequent historic industrial strike action (2000 workers) undertaken by National and Local Government Officers Association (NALGO) Haringey branch. Relates to subjects such as Haringey NALGO strike, industrial action, trade unions, demonstrations, employee rights, collective bargaining.