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File maintained by Bernie Grant as Leader of Haringey Council. Predominantly consists of research and information papers, reports, handwritten notes, press clippings, and copies of correspondence concerning employment (eg discrimination in employment) and education issues (eg treatment of homosexuality in the school curriculum). Relates to subjects such as employment, education, equal opportunities, Haringey, health, racial discrimination, lesbian and gay youth issues, lesbian and gay civil rights.


File includes note book of Bernie Grant’s handwritten notes and speech notes concerning general union and council business such as the Tenants Association, and notes to the public, Mayor and members regarding the council and minority ethnic groups in Haringey. Material on file dates back to 1978 wherein Bernie Grant was employed as a National Union of Public Employees (NUPE) Area Officer. One issue of the journal entitled ‘Capital Issues’ is enclosed and includes a special article re Black Councillors. Relates to subjects such as Afro-Caribbean employees and the Southall Black Sisters Group.


Predominantly includes copies of research / briefing material distributed by the Haringey Council Race Relations and Ethnic Adviser as well as associated council correspondence, memorandums and reports. Includes papers relating to topics such as United States civil disorder, education, equal opportunity, British Nationality Bill, immigration, race relations, and racism eg racism awareness training. Also includes correspondence from Bernie Grant concerning his dismissal as Chair of the Ethnic Minorities Joint Consultative Committee (EMJCC), dated 19 May 1980.


File comprises research and reference material distributed by the Haringey Council Race Relations and Ethnic Adviser; press clippings; copies of council correspondence reports and minutes, relating to issues such as: the West Indian Leadership Council; minutes of the Racism Awareness Programme Unit; correspondence between the Greater London Association of Trade Councils Anti-Racist-Anti-Fascist Committee (GLATC) and the East London Workers Against Racism (ELWAR); Bangladesh Welfare Association; Equal Opportunity and Minority Ethnic people; Brixton riots; CARIB Housing Association; Ethnic Elderly; West London Hospital Branch dispute; Hackney Ethnic Minority Business Project; Task Force – ‘Working with Pensioners’; Haringey Task Force (Note that Bernie Grant was a member of the Social Services Committee). Relates to issues such as housing, crime, equal opportunity, Asian peoples, Black peoples, Ethnic Minorities.


File comprises press clippings, leaflets, copies of council correspondence, reports, briefings and research re issues such as: Haringey Youth Aid programme; minutes of the first meeting of the community working party; taskforce; community affairs; racism awareness research; British Nationality bill; Finsbury Park Inquiry; racism; immigration; housing; education; minority ethnic groups and the police; community development; Ethnic Minorities Joint Consultative Committee (EMJCC) papers [eg election of Turkish-Cypriot representatives; list of ethnic minority representatives on the EMJCC]; Wood Green riots July 1987; youth employment; reports of the Further Education Sub-Committee; census / statistics in the ward 1981; ethnic minorities and Haringey; Task Force – ‘Working with Pensioners’; working party report re ethnic minority elderly; Haringey police community relations; papers re black history in Britain eg ‘Race Relations Information Bulletin’ [such as ‘The Mayor of Battersea 1913 – Is he our first Black Mayor?’, ‘Black Settlers in Britain 1555-1958’, list of minority ethnic press and list of minority ethnic organisations and race relations groups in Haringey, dated June 1981].


File maintained while Bernie Grant undertook a number of roles within the Council from 1980 – 1984 – refer to Bernie Grant’s biographical sketch and chronology. File contains correspondence, press clippings and associated papers re issues such as race relations in Haringey, education and minority ethnic teachers in schools; Les Butler dispute. May include estray personal correspondence to Bernie Grant from other organisations.


File comprises research/reference material, copies of council reports and meeting agenda re issues such as racism; employment issues in Haringey; Council report re Broadwater Farm Estate – ‘Summary of the Estate’s Problems’ (Report of the Borough Housing Officer dated 21 Sep 1976); Mid-Tottenham Housing Sub-Committee; Bernie Grant’s nomination to the panel of candidates for the 1982 Council Borough Elections (copy of the nomination form includes biographical details re various union, council and party memberships held by Bernie Grant). File also includes correspondence from the Greater London Association of Trade Councils (GLATC) Anti-Racist-Anti-Fascist Committee re the East London Workers Against Racism (ELWAR).


File consists of copies of council correspondence, reports, and research / reference material relating to issues such as the administrative history of the Afro-Caribbean Educational Organisation (ACEO); publication eg ‘Racism in America and How to Combat it; institutional racism – ‘Blacks and Police’; equal opportunities; readings about racism; British Nationality Bill; Ethnic Recordkeeping; Finsbury Park Inquiry; employment and the unemployment in the Black population.


File contains mainly reference and research material as well as associated council correspondence and memorandums. Relates to topics such as the Mid-Tottenham Area Housing Sub-Committee, equal opportunity policy, education, racism eg racism awareness training, sexism, housing, affirmative action, race relations, Broadwater Farm Estate, British-Grenada Friendship Society. File maintained while Bernie Grant undertook a number of roles within the Tottenham and Wood Green Labour Parties and for the Haringey Council (elected Bruce Gove ward councillor in 1978; Vice Chair of the Mid-Tottenham Housing Sub-Committee).


File consists of copies of council correspondence, minutes, reports and research material re subjects such as racism; sexism; Further Education Sub-Committee; Ethnic Minorities and the Police; education; employment and black youths; Task Force ‘Working with Pensioners’; Tottenham Green detached youth project (eg Saphire Sounds Community Project, single homeless youth); trade unions and black workers; anti-racism groups; Ethnic Minorities Joint Consultative Committee (EMJCC); National Union of Public Employees (NUPE); youth issues eg EMJCC comments and recommendations by Haringey Youth and Community Service re Commission for Racial Equality report entitled ‘Youth in Multi Racial Society’; Tottenham Labour Party; racial harassment and housing estates. Includes originals and copies of council case correspondence re issues of concern in the borough of Haringey such as education, employment and housing.