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File includes written exchanges between Bernie Grant and individuals such as: Reverend Jesse Jackson, Prince Edun Akenzua-Enogie of Obazuwa [Oba of Benin], and Haringey Councillor, Aly Mir. The file also includes the first piece of correspondence between Bernie Grant and Graham Gibson who subsequently became Bernie Grant’s companion and driver, and the first Rastafarian to work in the House of Commons. Correspondence relates to issues such as African reparations, diplomatic efforts in Libya, political use of the term ‘Black’, Black Sections and Black Socialist Society, Transatlantic slavery exhibition, military intervention in Bosnia. Please consult further related correspondence re such issues within Bernie Grant’s subject file series.


Correspondence between Bernie Grant and local, national and international organisations such as: London Islamic Cultural Society, Greater London Action for Racial Equality (GLARE), The Royal Ministry of Local Government and Labour (Norway), The Charles Wootton College for Further Education, Enfield and Haringey Health Authority, The Constitutional Monarchy Association, The Royal Secretariat of Jerusalem, ‘The Blackie / Great Georges Project’, Middlesex University, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Liberation House Oppressed People’s Affairs, New Jersey Community Seventh Day Adventist Church. Amongst other letters of gratitude and invitations, this file includes a letter from the Stephen Lawrence Charities Trust dated three days prior to Bernie Grant’s death inviting him to attend The Stephen Lawrence memorial service on 16 April 2000. The correspondence on file relates to a wide range of issues such as black performing arts, Britain’s first Afro-Caribbean cultural centre [Keskidee Centre in Islington], Oscar Abrams, Black history, ethnic monitoring and police stop and search procedures, human rights, black deaths in custody, ‘Redemption Song’, and youth affairs.