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File comprises key correspondence concerning the Tottenham Three campaign with chief correspondents such as the Home Office, Crown Prosecutions Service, and the Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign. Includes associated reports and press releases relating to the Families Campaign for Justice for the Tottenham Three, the campaign support enlisted from various MP’s, organisations and individuals [eg Reverend Jesse Jackson].


File comprises documentation such as minutes, reports and associated papers. Some key documents include the minutes of the Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign; a copy of the National Appeal, as organised by the Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign; and a brief summary of the main findings and recommendations re the Broadwater Farm trials.


Correspondence and associated press information concerning new evidence, calls for re-investigation, and the referral of Winston Silcott and Mark Braithwaite’s cases to the Court of Appeal. Includes written exchanges between Bernie Grant and correspondents such as the Home Secretary and the Crown Prosecution Service. Note that the cases of the Tottenham Three were referred back to the Court of Appeal four and half years following their original conviction (original trial was held Jan – March 1987).


File comprises correspondence, reports, press clippings and handwritten notes concerning the formation and management of the Tottenham Three Families Campaign. Includes information relating to the Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Amnesty International report into ‘Alleged Forced Admissions During Incommunicado Detention’, police disciplinary proceedings (ie Chief Superintendent Melvin), and calls for a re-investigation into the murder of PC Keith Blakelock including a review of the convictions of Winston Silcott, Mark Braithwaite and Engin Raghip.