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File contains correspondence relating to specific issues and concerns such as a court settlement between Winston Silcott and Sir Paul Condon; appeal court vindication overturning Winston Silcott’s conviction; appeals for witnesses re the murder of PC Blakelock; Bernie Grant clarifying views concerning the Broadwater Farm disturbance, media misrepresentation and nature of relationship with the police. Includes associated reports such as ‘Why Winston Silcott’s conviction must be reviewed: a history of injustice’ compiled by Legal Action for Women [includes useful timeline re the events of the PC Keith Blakelock and Anthony Smith Cases]


File includes a letter from Metropolitan Police Commander Nove to Bernie Grant concerning the renewed investigations. Also includes a copy of Bernie Grant’s parliamentary question re the status of Winston Silcott’s case and Bernie Grant’s personal copy of the publication “The Burnham Report – of international jurists in respect to Broadwater Farm Trials” as compiled by the Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign in 1987.


Correspondence, minutes, newsletters and flyers produced by the Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign eg Winston Silcott poster titled: ‘Hands off the Silcott’s – Stop the Harassment Now’ and a BWF Defence Campaign newsletter concerning a major campaign event held at the Hackney Empire. Also includes correspondence issued by the Broadwater Farm Youth Association. Note that a background history of the ‘Tottenham Three’ campaign is documented within the newsletter of the BWF Defence Campaign contained on file.


File includes the minutes of the campaign meeting and documents and press clippings relating to the Police Complaints Authority investigation into disciplinary charges brought against a detective Chief Superintendent. Includes clippings relating to a number of alleged incidences of police misconduct and harassment.


File comprises correspondence, reports, press information and handwritten notes relating to the campaign. Includes report from Amnesty International relating to the Tottenham Three, Bernie Grant’s correspondence with a constituent re the police raid on the Farm in 1989, and Bernie Grant’s handwritten notes concerning the convictions of the Tottenham Three.


File comprises correspondence, reports and supporting documents relating to issues such as the call for justice for the Broadwater Farm defendants (‘The Tottenham Three’) and call to review the murder of PC Keith Blakelock; police community relations; Bernie Grant’s retirement as Leader of Haringey Council. Includes supporting material such as meeting notes with police representatives, a landmark petition signed by Members of Parliament expressing concern over the convictions of the Tottenham Three, and a report relating to the Tottenham Three entitled ‘Black People, Police and the Media’.


Maintained in original black binder. Includes the official compilation of submissions of evidence requested by Haringey Council [with Bernie Grant as Council Leader] as part of a major public inquiry into the events surrounding the Broadwater Farm Estate disturbance on 5th, 6th and 7th October 1985. Contains copies of ‘Councillor Bernie Grant’s speech to a special meeting of the Council on Monday 14 October concerning the disturbances at Broadwater Farm on October 6 1985’. The submissions reflect the different services of the Council [includes for example, submissions received by Comprehensive Housing Service; Education Service; Community Affairs; Race Equality Unit; Police Research Unit; Press and Public Relations].


File consists of correspondence, press clippings and associated reports relating to the submission of evidence to the Broadwater Farm Inquiry, held at Haringey Council Jan 1988.