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BG 303.623 BRO – 2

Second Report of the Independent Inquiry into the disturbances of October 1985 at the Broadwater Farm Estate, Totthenham, Chaired by Lord Gifford QC.

This is a chapter by chapter downloadable copy of the book in the Bishopsgate Institute’s collection.


Gifford Report 2: Cover ImageContents

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Steps Towards Co-operative Policing

Chapter 3. Consultation – The Council Stays Away

Chapter 4. The Three Murder Convictions

Chapter 5. Confessions Which Could Not Be Trusted

Chapter 6. A Fair System For Investigating Crime

Chapter 7. The Estate – Progress Overcoming Setbacks

Chapter 8. The Estate – Finance and Management

Chapter 9. Education

Chapter 10. The Cornerstones of Policy



BG 303.623 BRO

Gifford Report Cover Page

Gifford Report Introduction

Chapter 1 – The Inquiry Process

Chapter 2 – The Estate and its People

Chapter 3 – The Police and the Community

Chapter 4 – The Death of Mrs Jarrett

Chapter 5 – October 6 – What Happened

Chapter 6 – The Aftermath

Chapter 7 – Who lives on Broadwater Farm – What Do They Think

Chapter 8 – Looking Forward – Justice From The Law

Chapter 9 – Looking Forward – Building a Self Reliant Community

Gifford Report Illustrations

Gifford Report List of Witnesses and Index


The following photographs are from the Morning Star Photo Archive which is also held at the Bishopsgate Institute.

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File mainly comprises correspondence and reports maintained by Bernie Grant as Chair of the Panel of the Broadwater Farm Residents Association. Relates to issues such as the Broadwater Farm Community Centre Trust, housing, employment, crime prevention, substance misuse awareness programme. Includes meeting notes between the Broadwater Farm Community, Police and the Local Authority.


File comprises documentation such as minutes, correspondence and reports issued by various organisations concerned with the management of Broadwater Farm. For example, the Broadwater [Community] Centre Trust, Broadwater Farm Residents Association, and Haringey Council. Includes information relating to issues such as the planning and establishment of the Broadwater Centre, the Broadwater Farm project entitled ‘Better Life for Women and Families’, and The Lindo campaign (‘Police crimes against civilians’). A published copy of the Broadwater Farm Estate agreement is also on file.


Also contains correspondence such as letters documenting the re-establishment of the Broadwater Farm Panel and local efforts to improve the farm. Relates to subjects such as employment, housing, inner cities, urban regeneration, Tottenham, Black peoples and Ethnic minorities.


File consists of paperwork such as correspondence between Bernie Grant and the Leader of Haringey Council, Toby Harris, concerning issues affecting the management of Broadwater Farm Estate [eg housing and education matters]. Documents community liaison with the Council to improve conditions on the Estate.


File comprises correspondence surrounding campaign efforts to re-open the case of Winston Silcott for submission to the Court of Appeal. Includes written exchanges between Bernie Grant and correspondents such as the Home Office, Legal Action for Women, Black Women for Wages for Housework. Includes copy of correspondence between Lord Gifford Q.C. and the Legal Action for Women.