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Note that this file contains language that is by its nature offensive to Black and other minority ethnic groups. Includes public letters (mainly hate mail) received in response to Bernie Grant’s campaign to free Winston Silcott.


File includes documents relating to the appeal for witnesses as part of the renewed investigation into the death of PC Keith Blakelock; Runnymede Trust article re Winston Silcott, the media and the police; handwritten statement from Winston Silcott re the Broadwater Farm disturbance 1985 and attached questions asked of Winston Silcott during an initial investigation; handwritten letter of support for Winston Silcott’s innocence; and Bernie Grant’s briefing concerning ‘issues arising from the court of appeal decision 25th Nov’ [includes his recommendations re the criminal justice system in light of cases such as Winston Silcott, the ‘Tottenham Three’ and the ‘Bridgewater Four’ eg new independent review tribunal].