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In 1992, as a united response to the new global context of the “New World Order” and the advent of the Single European Market, Bernie Grant [as MP for Tottenham] launched a new organization called the Organization of Africans in Europe (OAE). The OAE was established “to bring together Africans in Europe, both for their own mutual support and to provide a voice for Africa in Europe” on issues such as global restructuring of the economic and political agenda, racism and “Fortress Europe”. The organization closely networked with the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in Africa. File includes correspondence, reports and supporting papers relating to the establishment of the OAE. Includes key reports such as “The New Europe: British Blacks, Racism and Xenophobia” [in French and English translations] and report to the Committee of the OAE; correspondence with eg Zimbabwe, Libya, Ethiopia; and papers re close association with the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) eg attendance at OAU Summit in Senegal.