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Book of Bernie Grant’s handwritten meeting notes and speech notes relating to issues such as diplomacy efforts and Sudan; the Global Trade Centre; African Reparations Movement; Caribbean Council for Europe; European community, 1992 race issues re single European market; racism and fascism; international trade and the Caribbean; meeting with Daniel Ortega re Libya, Haiti and Cuba; CARE, SCF; Arab meeting re Libya; ‘Future of Black People in Britain’.


Book of Bernie Grant’s handwritten notes relating to issues such as a ‘Political Perspective re Africa’; Black Studies Association; parliamentary questions; Black peoples and prisons; deportation practices; African reparations; rough notes and lists re ‘things to do’ [shows the extent and variety of work undertaken by Bernie Grant on a local, national and international scale]. Enclosed is a loose item issued by the Parliamentary Labour Party Foreign Affairs Committee ‘Summary of Meetings – Session 1993-94’.


Book of Bernie Grant’s handwritten meeting notes. Item annotated by Sharon Grant as follows: ‘First meeting notes with Somalis as they came into Tottenham in the mid 1990s. A Somali Association was subsequently formed, at which Bernie Grant spoke at launch.’ Also relates to issues such as Bernie Grant’s notes for addressing Glamorgan REC in 1995; meeting with Black Architects; and meeting with PARAG.


Purpose of the meeting involved Bernie Grant briefing Robin Cook on key international activities and concerns that Bernie Grant was involved in at the time and re how he would like to be used. The typed notes relate to issues concerning South Africa, Africa and the Caribbean, Third World Countries, the United States and Europe.


Book of Bernie Grant’s handwritten meeting notes mainly relating to the Montserrat evacuee crisis of 1997. Also relates to meetings concerning issues such as international trade [eg Bananas]; and development of the International Centre for the Performing Arts in Tottenham.


Bound book of Bernie Grant’s handwritten meeting notes maintained whilst undertaking a number of roles relating to the Haringey Council as well as union and community activities. Notes relate to issues such as job share policy discussions, race relations and racism, decentralisation, local incidents eg police harassment of black youths, trade union matters [eg NALGO union meetings], estate and housing issues, youth affairs, employment. Also includes notes re the Newham Asian Association Conference held on 31st March 1985 [which discussed issues such as racism in employment, race relations, community development and social services] decentralisation, CARE project, policing project, and Black Trade Unionists Solidarity Movement case notes. Note that between 1985 and 1987, Bernie Grant undertook a number of different roles such as the following: elected Leader of Haringey Council in 1985, Chair of Race Equality Committee from 1985, Bruce Grove ward councillor until 1988, Chair of the Broadwater Farm Panel until 1987.


Book of Bernie Grant’s meeting notes relating to issues such as the following: meeting of Tottenham Labour Party Officers; National Union of Public Employees (NUPE); Police and Development Sub Committee; Bernie Grant’s address to a meeting of Black Sections; incidents of police harassment of Black and Asian peoples; racism and the police; Broadwater Farm estate; notes re ‘The Future of Local Government’ [address to the LGIU]; equal opportunity; decentralisation; and meeting notes of Black London Councillors. Includes notes handwritten by both Bernie Grant and his personal assistant at the time, Sharon Lawrence.


File includes speech notes, correspondence and research relating to the Middlesex University, Tottenham Business School seminar re Inner City regeneration. Also includes correspondence between Bernie Grant and the Department of Environment concerning Tottenham and European Regional Development Funds (ERDF).