Category Archives: Black Trade Unionists Solidarity Movement minutes and associated papers


File includes Black Trade Unionists Solidarity Movement (BTUSM) minutes and agenda eg minutes of the BTUSM sub-committee during inaugural conference; minutes of the finance sub-committee; membership procedures and list of BTUSM participants; clippings; associated correspondence, notes and circulars; ephemera. Relates to issues such as positive discrimination, racism, trade unions, Black peoples, women and trade unions, pressure groups and lobby groups within trade unions, equal opportunity, nationality, immigration, campaigning, demonstrations.


File includes records documenting the establishment, organisational structure and management of the Black Trade Unionists Solidarity Movement (BTUSM). Consists of constitutions (including first draft); clippings; minutes of first founding meeting; minutes of the first meeting of the New Jewel Movement (NJM)/BTUSM Trade Union Working Group; declaration of intent and policy aims and objectives; list of union members and contact details; statement by the BTUSM on Grenada; membership forms and documents re membership structure and procedures. Relates to topics such as political and civil rights; employment eg recruitment practices; ethnic discrimination; trade unions; Black representation; Black Caucus.


File consists of Minutes of the Steering Committee 25 Mar 1984, 29 Apr 1984, 27 Nov 1983, 18 Dec 1983; Minutes of Proposed Staff Committee meeting 13 Feb 1984; Minutes of Special Conference 29 Jan 1984; agenda of the Black Trade Unionists Solidarity Committee (BTUSM) Steering Committee 26 Feb 1984; BTUSM incoming correspondence from other organisations eg Greater London Council; BTUSM grievance case correspondence; Minutes of the Greater London Council Trade Union (TU) Anti-Racist Group 8 Feb 1984; Bernie Grant’s handwritten notes re the BTUSM; job descriptions and Trustee details re the Racism Awareness Programme Unit (RAPU).