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File comprises label listings of Black Trade Unionists Solidarity Movement (BTUSM) union members and their contact details; BTUSM constitutions; BTUSM issued circulars and reports; legal correspondence re the Racism Awareness Programme Unit (RAPU); application for financial assistance from the Greater London Council and associated re grants; correspondence concerning BTUSM internal dispute; meeting agenda, correspondence and circulars relating to the restructuring of the BTUSM through a ‘Special Membership Meeting’, held 10 Feb 1985; and Minutes of the Caretaker meeting, held 13 Feb 1985.


File mainly deals with and contains documents relating to the internal factional dispute within the Black Trade Unionists Solidarity Movement (BTUSM) [eg includes report entitled ‘Areas of Difference Between CROB and the Elitist Faction in BTUSM’, as prepared by Bernie Grant on behalf of the Committee for the Re-organisation of BTUSM (CROB)]; BTUSM financial accounts; label listing of BTUSM members and contact details; BTUSM constitution dated Jun 1984; agenda and circulars of BTUSM Co-ordinating Committee meetings; agendas and notices of meeting issued by other committees within the BTUSM; BTUSM correspondence relating to internal incident; letter of resignation from Bernie Grant as an employee of BTUSM.