Category Archives: Correspondence For and Against Reparations


File includes Bernie Grant’s clarification of alleged statements and remarks as provided in articles and papers such as ‘The Future of Black People in Britain’ and ‘Reparations not Repatriation’; correspondence and motions passed by organisations re controversy concerning Bernie Grant’s alleged statements re voluntary resettlement and reparations eg Labour Party GC correspondence.


File deals with and includes: Bernie Grant’s press complaints correspondence re ‘Devils Advocate’ program; press releases, statements and associated papers documenting Bernie Grant’s clarification of alleged comments made re reparations and voluntary resettlement; supportive letters re Bernie Grant’s statements re ‘The Future of Black People in Britain’.


File documents the origins of the debate re voluntary resettlement [eg Socialist Campaign Group]. Comprises papers such as condemnatory local Labour Party motions re Bernie Grant’s alleged comments; also includes extract of MP report entitled ‘Future of Black People in Britain’ providing Bernie Grant’s clarification of statements.