One box [29x37cm] of ephemera including items such as invitations, leaflets, flyers, programmes, speeches, brief information booklets, forms and letterhead. Examples of key items include: African Reparations Movement campaign flyers eg Benin Bronzes campaign and the ‘African Reparations Movement Repossession Notice’ [issued to the Director of the British Museum]; membership and information leaflet issued by the Standing Conference on Racial Equality in Europe (SCORE); unprecedented information flyer entitled ‘Stop and Search – How and Why…’ [jointly issued by the Metropolitan Police (Tottenham Division) and Bernie Grant as Member of Parliament for Tottenham]; Justice for Joy Gardner petition and information bulletin; various African Reparations flyers and papers such as the information booklet entitled ‘Facts on Reparations to Africa and Africans in the Diaspora’ prepared by The Group of Eminent Persons on Reparations; Labour Party flyers and stickers re Bernie Grant’s candidacy; historic Black Trade Unionists Solidarity Movement Conference flyer dated 4-5th June 1983; copy of the World Development Movement newsletter entitled ‘Bananas Now!’ [featuring Bernie Grant]; entry ticket to ‘The funeral ceremony and celebration of the life of Bernie Grant on 18 April 2000’; official programme of the Parliamentary Black Caucus Inaugural Weekend March 31st – April 2nd 1989; flyer issued by the All Party British-Caribbean Parliamentary Group; copy of the Early Day Motion re ‘Abuja Proclamation’ issued by Bernie Grant on 10 May 1993; flyer issued by The Black Network re Bernie Grant’s presentation on “Reparations or Bust” – ‘an Open Discussion/Debate within the Black Community’; copy of speech by Bernie Grant MP to the SOS Racisme Conference Dec 1988, Paris; Caribbean Links membership and information leaflet; information / briefing paper re ‘The British and the Benin Bronzes’; and a copy of the ‘Parliamentary Election for the Tottenham Constituency – Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll for 28th May 1987’ [historic results re the first Black Members of British Parliament, with Bernie Grant as the senior of the first].