One box [32x25cm] of ephemera such as invitations, leaflets / flyers, programmes, speeches, brief information booklets, forms and letterhead. Includes key pieces such as African Reparations Movement (UK) flier advertising a lecture by Dr Kenneth Kaunda [Pan-Africanist and former President of Zambia]; Labour Party election leaflets re Bernie Grant’s candidacy; Bernie Grant’s funeral order of service; Black Trade Unionists Solidarity Movement invitation to fund raising event; invitation re ‘Dinner honoring the 19th Annual Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Weekend on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act’ [includes autographs]; ‘Training in racism awareness for racial equality’ booklet issued by the Racism Awareness Programme Unit; Funeral Service booklet of Laurence Paul Cunningham [first black professional footballer to play for England and first British footballer to play for Real Madrid]; DHSS and DOLE strike rally flyer issued by Claimants Union, Tottenham; Conference booklet re Commission for Pan-African Affairs, African Liberation Day Symposium re ‘The History of Black People in Britain, “Struggles Against Racism” – A Tribute to the Patriots Bernie Grant [1944-2000], Liqua Zacharias [1926-2000] dated 26 May 2000; Caribbean Links brochure; ‘World Conference on Reparations to Africa and Africans in the Diaspora’ programme; African Reparations Movement forms [eg re aims and history of the movement] and campaign flier; ‘Councillor Bernie Grant’s speech to a special meeting of Haringey Council on Monday October 14 concerning the disturbances at Broadwater Farm on October 6 1985’.