File includes document relating to ‘Black Leadership Items’ ie Black Leadership Dialogue notes issued to Bernie Grant MP by Professor Steve Small. The file records details of some of the major issues and developments faced by Black leadership such as: ‘Blacks no longer the only important minority; role of the Black middle class; Black women and black leaders; ‘Do Civil Rights tactics have relevance today?’; Black leaders’ courage and initiative; ‘What is the role of Black intellectuals and leadership?’; Black organizations, community initiatives and the government; Black Leaders, the Caribbean and Africa. Document also outlines the interests of Tottenham constituents ie reparations, equal opportunity, affirmative action, police and Black peoples, racial harassment, education, immigration, African American issues, ‘Global Crisis facing Black Leaders. File also relates to other subjects such as Black leadership and representation, immigration regulation and ‘bogus’ immigration advisers. See related files within the records of the African Reparations Movement.