Press releases issued by Bernie Grant as MP for Tottenham relating to issues such as the following: the Batakare robes that Bernie Grant wore at the opening of State Parliament; Irish teachers; elderly; people with disabilities; health; ambulances; Gulf War; council tax; Apex Trust; Asian peoples; African-Caribbean peoples; unemployment; poll tax; Haringey and Tottenham; Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee; Haringey Chinese Community; South Africa; crime; Standing Conference on Racial Equality in Europe (SCORE); education; Nelson Mandela; youth and politics; postal services; Cyprus; Tottenham Three; pensioners groups; Dewsbury rally; Bernie Grant meeting the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh; Greek peoples; Turkish peoples; homelessness; police and Black peoples; Third world; sport; launch of the Parliamentary Black Caucus (PBC); Jesse Jackson; law and Black peoples; Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign.