Small box [24cm x 32cm] of personal memorabilia belonging to Bernie Grant. Includes items such as badges, honorary pins, [membership, protest/demonstration and commemorative badges), conference / delegation passes, ribbons, stickers, African beads [eg from the necklace worn by Bernie Grant at the first state opening of Parliament, which he was dressed in for his burial]. Relates to issues such as Bernie Grant’s labour candidacy, commemoration of the Great Benin Centenary 1897-1997, St Patricks Day, Justice for Joy Gardner campaign, Haringey Council protest badges eg re Apartheid and cuts to local services, African Reparations. Includes some key pieces such as Bernie Grant’s life honorary membership pin from the Union of Post Office Workers (UPW) that Bernie Grant was particularly proud of; delegate passes to the Organization of African Unity, the First Pan-African Conference on Reparations, the Jesse Jackson Tour of South Africa Feb 1990 official delegation; Labour Party conference passes; badge entitled ‘Support NJM Grenada’; badges entitled ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ as well as an African National Congress Nelson Mandela badge; trade union and strike badges eg ‘Kent Miners – I Never Scabbed 1984-85 Strike’; badge issued by the Broadwater Farm Defence Committee entitled ‘Police Off the Farm!’; VIP badge for ‘An International Tribute for a Free South Africa’; and badge with Margaret Thatcher featured with the slogan ‘She’s Got to Go!’.